MongoDB is the NoSQL database known for its smart document based structure, ease of use, and flexibility. Unlike most other NoSQL databases, MongoDB comes with native geospatial indexing and search functionality, making it as a perfect choice for applications needing simple location based querying.

MongoDB allows you to create index…

AWS Amplify is a full stack development platform helping developers to focus on delivering functionality. It comes with a set of prebuilt services that developers can leverage instead of developing from the Core.

AWS Amplify Components

AWS Amplify abstracts developers with the set of options for bootstraping the application.

In this article we will explore how we can use Business Intelligence tools like PowerBI to explore MongoDB data and create powerful reports. BI tools are build for visualising Tabular data, but how can it support Mongo’s Document data? MongoDB provides BI connectors for this purpose.


Credit : MongoDB

BI Connector acts as…

Organisation prefer to have their application development more agile and scale quickly as needed. Modern Applications Architecture prefer Kubernetes and MongoDB for application orchestration and data management needs.

Major Cloud Vendors AWS, Azure, Google offers Kubernetes as a Managed Service(PaaS) & MongoDB offers fully managed Database service Atlas.

Customers usually…

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